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Agility trumps analysis for international NGO strategy

These are tricky times for shaping NGO strategy. The business model for the traditional UK and European agencies may be broken. Let’s go on holiday

Guilty as charged on science of GM food

Should we pay more attention to the science of genetically modified crops before campaigning against the introduction of GM food in developing countries? Yes, but science is not the only issue.

BP projections defy divestment logic

Quantitative easing in the eurozone and the BP Energy Outlook 2035 both represent last ditch efforts to maintain the status quo of bond and equity markets. The social and environmental consequences threaten to accelerate intergenerational injustice.

Gates Foundation needs vaccine for infectious optimism

The 2015 Letter of the Gates Foundation is optimistic about prospects for poor countries. It doesn’t state whether the UN goal to eliminate global poverty and hunger will be achieved.

Oil price collapse fuels case for divestment

It may be going too far to suggest that the collapse in the price of oil was predicted by the 350.org divestment campaign, but it can only boost momentum. Prospects for Global Divestment Day on Feb 13/14 will be enhanced.

No favours for coffee farmers in Lima climate flop

The coffee plant is sensitive to temperature and the full impact of climate change on coffee may become apparent even during our lifetimes. The feeble outcome of the Lima COP20 UN climate talks represents more bad news for coffee growers and drinkers.

Greenpeace audit should focus on governance

Greenpeace International has lost 3.8 million euros in a disastrous currency hedging exercise. Is this about a rogue trader or a failure of governance?

The sublime, the climate and Eleanor Catton

Eleanor Catton writes about the inadequacy of language to describe nature. Perhaps it’s no surprise that climate scientists can’t explain what’s being lost.

Data revolution tested by African growth riddle

Investors believe that Africa is the growth continent. But new UN hunger figures tell a different story. Is this a case of bad growth or bad poverty data?

Loss of old certainties hobbles IPCC

A comparison of the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report on the science of climate change with the First Assessment from 1990 raises some awkward questions.