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Confined to barracks, consoled by Oscar Wilde

The mystery of unsustainable lifestyles is the gap between those who worry and those who stay calm and carry on. Perhaps it’s time to understand each other.

Scientists scour planet for attentive audience

Nobody seems to listen to what earth scientists are saying about the fate of the planet, not even the UN General Assembly when addressed by Johan Rockstrom.

Red line in Red List of Ecosystems

A new research paper brings the IUCN Red List of Ecosystems closer to reality. But why is the scientific basis so silent on the subject of climate change?

John Ashton pulls no punches in climate arena

Since retiring from the Foreign Office last year, John Ashton has given a series of forthright speeches on climate change. Why does he omit the predicament of the most vulnerable countries?

Heikki Holmås enters inner sanctum of UN energy initiative

New appointments to the UN’s Sustainable Energy For All initiative may not silence criticism of its governance but Norway’s development minister may bring fresh perspectives on energy poverty.

World Bank vision tested by Dhaka factory disaster

The worst industrial accident in the history of Bangladesh has exposed the scale of internal culture change necessary to validate the World Bank’s new goal to eliminate global poverty by 2030.

Carbon bubble blown away by stock markets

The S&P500 index hit a record high last week. Investment analysts seem happy to ignore the carbon bubble. Perhaps the warnings to investors should be about global environmental change rather than climate change alone.

Lord Stern makes mischief for climate finance ministerial

Lord Stern’s call to end the separation of development, mitigation and adaptation could stir up problems for Wednesday’s meeting of climate finance donors.

Lord Stern calls for new generation of climate models

Lord Stern says that shortcomings in climate models handicap decision-making by politicians. But he concedes that new models will not be ready in time.

Arms Trade Treaty circles climate change agenda

As think tanks continue to link global warming with the threat of conflict, a new Arms Trade Treaty may fuel debate about the securitisation of climate change.