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No retreat from Kyoto, says UK Chief Scientist

The UK will respect its Kyoto Protocol obligations and will play a full role in forthcoming negotiations on how a successor treaty could control greenhouse gas emissions in the fight against climate change after 2012, says the governmentÂ’’s Chief Scientific Adviser.

Tories hit the road to Damascus

Michael Howard and Oliver Letwin launched the Conservative plans for international development in London on January 11th.

Wangari Maathai: African leadership on parole

Wangari Maathai spoke at an event in London on her way home after collecting the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo.

Gordon Brown’s moral universe

Gordon Brown outlined his vision of a universal moral code underpinning achievement of the Millennium Development Goals in the CAFOD Pope Paul VI Memorial Lecture.

Naomi Klein: Iraq is a laboratory for neoliberalism

Review of the London meeting at which Naomi Klein spoke on the subject of Making a Killing: The Corporate Invasion of Iraq

Limits to growth: managing the politics

“People, Planet and Politics: Is economic growth compatible with sustainability?” The Resurgence event held in London on November 17th. Speakers were Jonathon Porritt, Michael Meacher and Satish Kumar.