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Scientists lose patience with sustainable development

In a new paper, Sustainable development goals for people and planet, a group of earth scientists seek a new definition for sustainable development and an end to equal priority for the “three pillars” of environment, human development and the economy.

Jeffrey Sachs LSE lecture: the missing piece

The LSE lecture on post-2015 sustainable development goals given by Professor Jeffrey Sachs digressed from the brief but perhaps for understandable reasons.

Ecosystem services need social science more than slogans

Professor Joshua Farley’s Oxford lecture “The Political Economy of Ecosystem Services” warns against subjecting nature to the forces of market mechanisms.

Keystone XL impact study: pipeline safe from global warming!

The Environmental Impact Statement for the Keystone XL pipeline inadvertently argues against its own conclusion in a bizarre chapter about climate change.

The green pen is mightier than the polar bear

If the other short stories in Beacons are half as good as Take Notice by Adam Thorpe, then this publishing venture by Stop Climate Chaos will be rewarded.

Carbon budget math is not that simple

The Rio Tinto write down of coal in Mozambique may be a preview of the sub-prime carbon era.Climate change campaigners believe that stock markets are inflated by a carbon bubble. Science estimates the safe carbon budget but which countries own it?

The elusive nexus of complexity and principles

Owen Barder’s lecture about complexity and development raises questions about UK development policy and the role of sustainability in complexity theory.

OneWorld founders hand over the keys

Anuradha Vittachi and Peter Armstrong, co-founders of OneWorld, have retired. Their contribution to international development through applications of new media technologies over the last 18 years has been immense.

Sir Porritt and Lord John in Delhi comedy of manners

Jonathon Porritt and Lord Prescott made telling contributions on climate change at the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit (DSDS).

Friedman and Sachs unmoved by Obama’s climate conversion

Speaking today at the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit, Thomas Friedman and Jeffrey Sachs have lambasted the US political system and questioned Obama’s supposedly reawakened interest in climate change.