ILO revenge on DFID

The GAVI Alliance and the International Labour Organization have both been in action this week with major conferences. I couldn’t help thinking of that killer scatter diagram on the opening page of UK DFID’s multilateral aid review published in March.

Purporting to assess value for money delivered by its client organisations, DFID positioned GAVI at the top right whilst ILO languished close to the bottom left. End result: ILO lost its UK funding whilst GAVI lapped it up in London this week.

Donors just love immunization programmes. But I reckon the ILO event has been scoring the points with its emphasis on the systemic failure of the global economy to create jobs for young people.

Having been ostracized for its hard-to-measure “Decent Work Agenda”, the ILO should take heart from DFID’s U-turn in the emergency “Arab Partnership” announced at the G8 summit last month. The extra £110 million will “tackle the problems which leave so many millions of young people across the region out of a job.”


this post was first published by OneWorld UK