Sceptics fail to show in Southampton

Last night I went along to a public lecture at the UK’s National Oceanography Centre. A mildly exasperated professor had been badgered into taking us through the basic science of climate change under the title: “Is climate change real? Is it man made? Is it a problem?”

He needn’t have bothered. In a full house I reckon there wasn’t a single sceptic. This is the problem.

The climate sceptics never confront the scientists because they have no scientific case. Their ally is the media, grubbing for partisanship.

Professor Eelco Rohling hates the phrase “scientists believe”. He knows that the icesheets of Greenland and Antarctic are melting and that sea levels are rising much faster than IPCC projections. That’s real, it’s man-made and it’s a big problem.


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